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How I can help you....        

Using different combinations of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Hypnotherapy and Reiki.  You can become the person you want to be

Stress    Anxiety   Insomnia​   Panic Attacks

Confidence    ​Sports Performance    Weight

Low Mood    Depression   

Fear   Phobias   Trauma   PTSD   and so much more ​​

How I can help you to truly Relax and Unwind....   

If you are looking for pure relaxation  the mind leads the way with Reiki and NLP. Restore and destress.

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Firstly we talk about what it is you have come to see me about and the outcome you would like. We can then determine how we can go about making this happen. 

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Neuro is the nervous system through which we experience information through our 5 senses and how we perceive the world. Using techniques and language skills we have the ability to change the process by which we experience reality which strengthens and supports our thoughts and behaviours to achieve a desired outcome.

Hypnosis Using a closed eyes process, I guide you to a state of focused awareness, very much like day dreaming. You are fully in control and can stop at any time. When you are relaxed and in trance you are more responsive to suggestions that you want to take on board. Change takes place easily allowing you to achieve your desired outcome faster.

Reiki is a universal life energy which promotes healing and
relaxation. It reduces stress and anxiety through gentle laying of hands on or off the body. The flow of energy through the practitioner to your body delivers energy, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing. The beneficial effects are strengthening and normalizing certain vital energy fields held to exist within the body creating balance and healing.

Relaxing by the Water
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Mandy Paley DHypPsych(UK)

       I started my journey as a Health and Beauty Therapist and then qualified as a Lecturer and Assessor at Brighton College of Technology training students Swedish Body Massage, Physiology & Anatomy, Facials, Healthy Lifestyle, Exercise, Weight and Nutrition.


This part of my journey taught me the value of the mind, which dictates our wellbeing and how we feel about life and ourselves. This has a direct impact on how we look and interact with the world.


A new journey began for me..... with the Mind, qualifying in 2006/2007.

Brief Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy training with Uncommon Knowledge. Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and also a Reiki Practitioner. I am a Spiritual person and use my guides to aid all aspects of our journey together.

I regularly update and continue to expand my knowledge with training and study including most recently qualified as NLP Master Practitioner 2022.

I moved to Horsham in 2021 and love it here. I am no less enthused than the day I started helping people grow as I know this is my calling in life.  I am passionate about what I do and aim to help you to get to where you want to be as soon as possible.

Sand Dunes

 Stress Anxiety Fear 

Low Mood / Depression

The Way Forward

It's the mind that deals with these challenges. 
The mind controls how you relax, how you think and how you achieve what it is you want.
When you relax your mind you enter the Alpha and Theta brain wave states which allows us to take wonderful steps forward to make change easy.
When you change the thought patterns that have maintained the problems, the way forward is bright, you look and feel the way you want to feel.  Leave stress and anxieties behind 

Sports Performance

Our abilities to change existing patterns of thought that are not useful to us anymore become amazingly easier to change using NLP and Hypnotherapy. You can see hear and feel what it is you want. Our imaginations open and that's where the magic can happen. The mind looks after your safety but sometimes not in a way that is helpful to you maybe using an old out of date pattern, We can show the mind a different way and maintain that safety for you to be the way you want to be. 


the Mind and Body

Relaxation changes your life. When we relax regularly we change how our brain functions in a way that enriches our perception of our world, we heal our bodies and mind. 
We relieve stress allowing the bodily functions to normalise. Most of us know the detriments of stress or even noticing how you maybe need some time out, space to recharge your batteries. 
When we relax our focus of attention changes. NLP and Reiki help us to bring back balance to mind and body. The mind determines how you relax so relaxing your thoughts can allow muscles to soften. We can take a break and restore. Regular relaxation has a positive impact on how we look, feel and respond to people and our surroundings.

Creating a Better You

I've had several NLP therapy sessions with Mandy

 She has helped me considerably on each occasion. She has cured several long standing phobia's!
She has taken the anxiety levels out of past events, so that I no longer even remember the details of them anymore.
The emotions of old memories and phobias no longer affect many of my decisions in life now, I feel that I'm free of them and any boundaries that they had put on me, so therefore I'm getting a much more fulfilling happier life experience.

Mandy's kind, empathic and professional expertise can help you achieve what you need. 

Thank you so much Mandy, your support and professionalism has been invaluable.


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Session Fees

Session Fees Hypnotherapy and NLP

First Consultation only

90 mins session          £85
Additional Consultations

60 mins per session £75

Session Fees for Reiki and NLP

30 mins per session    £40
60 mins per session   £60
90 mins per session    £90
Special Offer
Hypnotherapy and NLP
First Consultation
90 mins per session      £75 instead of £85
Additional Consultations

60 mins per session      £65 instead of £75

Reiki and NLP for Deep Relaxation

60 mins per session  £55

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